...greater than the sum of our parts

Cage ATA Cage ATA
Aerospace Products, Tapes & Sealants
**Alemite, LLC
AS (Aerospace Standard) Lubrication/Grease Fittings
(0FKM1) Various **Ametek Ameron, LLC
(Ameron Global, Inc.) Cartridges, Dual Bridge & related products
(5K044) 35
Astronics-DME Corporation
Batteries, Flashlights, Safety Equipments
(55827) 25 **AV-DEC
Pre-Cured Polyurethane Tape
(1NPE1) Various
**Avia Marine
Latches, Switches, etc.
(15438) 25 **Avibank Services, LLC
Pins, Quick Release; Struts
(84256) Various
**BaseWest, Inc.
Escape Slide Lighting and Test Equipment, Crew Light and Battery Packs
(0MF00) 25 **Berry Plastics, Corp.
(Covalence Adhesives / Tyco Adhesives) Tapes, Flame Retardant, Foil
(80769) Unknown
**Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
Telex Communications) (EVI Audio) Communications Equipment
(28856, 81134) 23 Branet, Inc.
Cargo Restraints (Nets)
Cantwell, Cullen & Company
Electrical Harness and Conduit Assy.
(3AH16) 32 Cinch Connectors
FQIS wire harness assemblies
(13556) 24,28
Control Products Corporation
Lighted Products
(53494) 33 Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Proximity Sensors, pumps, seat actuation Hydro-Aire (02953), Lear Romec (51663) ELDEC-France (F9763), PL Porter (02953)
(08748) Various
**David Clark Co.
Communications Equipment
(71483) 23 **Dayton - Granger, Inc.
Antennas, Composites, Electrostatics, Lightning Protection
(55635) 25
*DPI Labs, Inc
Annunciators and Display Modules
(0N0X3) 33 DLT (Ducommun LaBarge Technologies)
DMT Division, Coaxial Switches for TCAS, Radar & Transponders Lighted Products Division Indicators, Pushbutton Switches, Keyboards & Relays
(50667) Various
**E & H Laminating & Slitting Co.
Laminating Tapes
(9U930) Various EDO-Fiber Science
Filters/Separator Assy
(32500) Various
Electro-Mech Components Inc.
Switches (Pushbutton) and Lenses used on PSU
(07150) 25 **Essex PB&R Corporation
PBE’s (Portable Breathing Equipment), Smoke Hoods, etc.
(0U058) 35
**Essex Industries
(55469/83533) 35 **Flexfab
Hose / Duct Assemblies
(16632) Various
**G.E. Lighting (Export only)
(08806) 33 *Gemini Engineering
Boeing Licensee for Expendable Aircraft Parts
(0UBY9) Various
General Ecology, Inc.
Filters, Filtration Systems
(61372) 25 Global Filtration
(099V1) Various
GM Nameplate, Inc.
Placards, Labels
(22670) 11 Harper Engineering
Latches and Hardware
(34941) Unknown
**HOLMCO (Holmberg GmbH & Co. KG)
Communications Equipment
(D9240) 23 **Columbia Medical Mfg. Corp.
On-Board, In-Flight Wheelchair
(Not Applicable) Unknown
Sound Dampening and Sealing Foam
(4U656) Various Ipeco, Inc
Seating products and galley equipment
(K9075) Various
*ITW Fastex
Scrivets, Cargo Compartment Fasteners
(02768) 25 **Krause-Airco, Inc.
Blade, Double Fairing
(11638) Various
**Marketing Masters, Inc.
Clip Nuts, Self-Locking Fasteners and Composite Inserts
(62063) 25 Meggitt Polymer Solutions
(60980) Various
**Nitto Inc.
(Permacel) Performance Tapes for Design & Maintenance
(99742) Various **Nordam
(29957) 72
BAC1522 Extrusions
(5TTR9) Various **Plantronics
Communications Equipment
(22447) 23
**Purolator Facet, Inc.
Filters & Elements
(90005) Various **Roanwell Corp.
Communications Equipment
(82872) 23
Sensor Systems, Inc.
(13691) Various **Servo Instrument Corp.
Wire Wound Potentiometers
(19176) Various
**Soderberg Mfg. Co., Inc.
LIGHTS - Emergency, Ceiling, Navigation, Landing & Taxi, Flood, Tail; Batteries and related products.
(78366) Various *Spectralux Avionics
Light Plates, Edge Lit Panels & Annunciators
(51896) 33
**Velcro USA, Inc.
Hook & Loop Fasteners
(11153) Various **Vital Presentation Concepts
Photo Sensitive Label-Making Film
(0GU51) Various
**Wamco, Inc.
Lamps & Lighting
(58774) 33


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** aviosupport is an authorized distributor