Aviosupport, Inc.
Gemini Engineering

The Boeing Company
License Agreement Signed

Aviosupport, Inc. and Gemini Engineering sign license agreement with the Boeing Company to manufacture and sell aircraft spare parts supporting various models of Boeing and Douglas aircraft.

Gemini Engineering has been granted the license to manufacture FAA approved expendable parts on behalf of the Boeing Company to support all models of Boeing aircraft. All parts produced under this license agreement will be manufactured to meet the current revisions of the Boeing drawings and sold under the Boeing proprietary part numbers.

May 30, 2003 - Aviosupport, Inc. and Gemini Engineering announced they have entered into a data licensing agreement with The Boeing Company allowing the use of detail engineering design to obtain Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) for replacement spare parts. The license will permit Gemini Engineering to manufacture licensed PMA parts under their FAA approved quality system. The parts will be distributed direct to the airline operators by Aviosupport, Inc., Gemini Engineering's exclusive distributor.

The products support both Boeing and Douglas aircraft models. As the exclusive distributor for Gemini Engineering, Aviosupport, Inc. will be responsible for maintaining inventory levels necessary to support the aerospace aftermarket requirements. All shipments of licensed materials from Aviosupport will include Manufacturers Certification and 8130-3 Tags at no additional charge.

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